Saturday, September 24, 2011

no motivation....

I haven't had any motivation to blog about anything... I keep reading others and wanting to be up on it and everything but still I get to the 6 drafts I have started and have no desire to try and complete them.

So basically what has happened this month is a little bit of moving. I moved out of Christine's apt and into Chris and his family's house. Which was a scary step for me. I didn't want to be that girl that moves in with her boyfriend's family. Plus a big step for our relationship. But I've felt welcome and mostly unawkward... things get better by the week. And we're going to paint our room and then it'll be awesome. Even got my own house key.

Labor Day weekend we went to the Orange Street Fair and make a quick round and grabbed some good eats and then had to go to work. Work, work, work.... of course.

We also got tickets from the TEAM Center to The Big Picture - AFI's Great American Movie Quiz and the host was Alex Trebek! It was at the Hollywood Bowl so we bussed in from Lakewood and had pretty decent seats and sat next to some interesting characters. It was basically a multiple choice quiz thing and we got light up sticks to answer the questions. We had a good time.

September is full of many birthdays so we have been all over the place out and about celebrating with our friends. The most important birthdays in September include my Dad and my Ashley :) So the again saddest part about not living in Nor Cal is being away from the people that mean so much to me. I was able to get them each a little something.

Miranda sent me her Freshman Year photo..... le sigh.... Freshman... I can't believe she's in high school.

I've been attempting to get back into scrapbooking... it really makes me happy so it feels good to be doing it again and I'm actually in a place where I can bring out all my supplies and go to town. Made a couple of things already but still don't have everything from the apartment here so I have yet to unleash the full power. Don't have a picture of the thing that I made for Chris' nephew though.

So as you can see...this is what I made for me and Chris.  This month and also Ashley's birthday is our official 1 year anniversary. I have kept majority of our ticket stubs and brochures and little keepsakes from things that we've gone to in our year and a half together. (Sept 17th is when we became 'official') Time really has flown with us and I couldn't be happier. We went out to dinner and were on opposite schedules so we didn't have  There was also a party at our friend Crystal's house and we had a bunch of Kickball people plus Disney people and a bounce house! It was an awesome party :)

they surprised us with a cookie!

Free Dessert from Original Mike's for our Anniversary Dinner

Decided it was time to delete Myspace and all it's crazy emotions that were attached to it. Found the email from Ryan and read it one last time and then I was done. Also was going through all my old hotmail emails and found some old crazy stuff. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was nice.

I'm looking back into getting my motorcycle license again... scared but excited. Just need to raise the funds for the class.

I had my Lead interview on a very bad day but rocked it anyway and soon the results will be posted.

Dang I haven't written anything Kickball have I? Well, we were on a kickball team and def in for the next season. We placed last but we had a really good time.

Chris has been getting ready for the MS 150 ride next month and I'm excited to be the pit crew again this year and our friend Julius is going to be riding with him too :)

It's the 'off season' at Disney and that means banquets and parties. We've already attended the Space Party which was up on the Concourse and next is coming up the Star Tours Banquet at John's Incredible Pizza, the Nemo Banquet at the OC Sports Bar and Grill and the Autopia Banquet. We're still deciding on what the Auto Banquet will be.

Amanda brought Lily to Disneyland for her 6th birthday and I got to spend the evening with them and had a really good time  

 So yeah... plus I've been in super plan mode for Chris' bday next month. Got most things purchased and ready but still want to get a couple of more things. He reads this, so no more details about that :D

Anyhoo.... time to get ready for work. Look at all that... thought I didn't want to write and go on rambling for like an hour.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"The City that knows how." William Howard Taft

San Francisco, of course!

We drove up after I trained Chris at Star Tours.... lol good times

We made really good time and got to our hotel in little Tokyo, Hotel Tomo, a Best Western hotel and each room had a different mural. Ours looked like a Bambi one.

The first night we ordered in and got some terrible food that took forever but we watched Harry Potter and went to bed.

this is so old now i'm really forgetting what we did... 

Sooo next day we got up and got ready and hopped on the Muni to get to AT&T park for the Giants game! Chris had got amazing seats but wouldn't tell me where they were until we got there. We first went into the store to get some Giants gear so we could blend in and not get yelled at for being from SoCal. I was so shocked when they took us to our seats... they were so amazing!! Section 115 Row C Seats 5&6 basically right behind home plate and up close and personal with everything. We even got special bathrooms and food court area where it was way less crowded.

After that we made it back to the hotel and it was just about time to meet up with Ashley and Anthony. They just flew in from Costa Rica and I went and picked them up at the BART station. Then we got ready for dinner and went to a sushi place since we were in Japantown. I was looking forward to some saki and good sushi but didn't get either. That place was seriously disappointing. We were looking for dessert with the power of all our smart phones combined we found a place called Citizen Cake which was fancy dessert and coffee. It made things a little better but I still ended up choosing something I didn't really like, lol.

The next day we got up for our touristy san fran day. Walked down the block and had an amazing breakfast and then got on the road to the Walt Disney Family Museum. We all got student admission, whoohoo, and took our time looking through all the history. Learned some stuff I didn't know and it was really interesting. Next we decided to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and weren't exactly sure what we were doing but found a way to walk down and get under it and to Fort Point. It was a blustery day just as usual in SF so it made for some fun pictures and it was really neat being under the bridge like that. After that we hopped back in the car and attempted to find Lombard Street and success we found it! Then to the Ghirardelli Square for eats and exploring. We found a pub type place and eat then got some cupcakes, chocolate, and ice cream and went walking towards Pier 39. We looked around the little shops then watched the seals/sea lions for a while. We headed back toward the car and back to the hotel. We were hoping to find a place that was hopping but it was dead out... we stopped by a pizza place close to the hotel and got a little appetizer before calling it a day.

Next day we had half the day for some exploring and we all were having to leave the city :( we went to a fancy breakfast place then toward Haight & Ashbury and found the Full House house on the way. Explored around H&A for a little while then headed up to Twin Peaks. Every time I had been up there before it was too cloudy to see anything. But this day was nice and clear and of course... windy :D After spending some time up there we went down the hill again to a restaurant the was one of the 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down according to travel channel i think. but to me it was just a regular burrito place... and the bathrooms were gross. After lunch we had to say goodbye to Ash and Ant and dropped them off at the BART station and we needed to hit the road to Marina for our next chapter of the trip :)

***More pictures to be added later.... my lappy was not being cooperative***

Saturday, August 13, 2011

friends visiting :)

So our good friend Jenny decided to move across the country like a crazy person and we miss her mucho. She came back to the west coast for her sister's graduation and we got to steal her away for a night to go to a Padres game. We gathered up a group, drove to San Diego, picked her up from her hotel and went the the game.

We had terrible cheap seats but we were enjoying each others company more than anything :)She was my nor cal buddy and really wish she was still here in so cal.

I love San Diego and Petco Park it really is beautiful

Star Tours II : The Adventures Continue

Grand Opening June 3rd 2011!

Yay! Def late on updating this being open but I was still very excited about it all. There was a planned opening ceremony and people lined outside the park to be some of the first to ride on opening day. I didn't end up starting work until 645pm and wanted to be there for the opening ceremony but glad I didn't because from the video coverage I saw of it, it was terrible.

I feel so happy that I was a part of the opening crew and also part of the old attraction closing crew. It was definitely on my list of things to do before leaving Disney. If I ever do. I feel like what a call a 'lifer' at this point.

I only ended up staying till 2:30am when we closed at midnight but I really figured I would stay longer.

Anyhoo things are still running well but things are starting to slow down. The fast passes still book out before noon every day though.

This is kind of a terrible picture of me but it's the costume and me and in front of the cast previews sign...wooooo

Monday, July 25, 2011

So yes....

I promised updates and I have not delivered.

I am sorry.

I haven't been home a lot and I hate updating on my phone, it's just too difficult. Things have been crazy and emotional lately.... so much stuff going on and yeah it's just been a whirlwind... I can't believe it's almost August. Already my birthday is coming around again.

I brought my laptop to Chris' house but don't think that I'll be updating a bunch... but yeah, I have about 6 drafts started and I need to add more.

le sigh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bam! updates!

In attempt to stop my rambling blogs...I will be posting up a bunch of new posts of things that happened in June. Can you believe it's already almost over?! I can't. Too fast! Stay tuned in :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

droid picture round up

Not exactly a week... almost like a month... I'll finish it up for the month once the month is done :) I'm surprised I took as many as I did. I guess I could do a monthly instead of weekly round up....hmmmm

May 1st - Dodger Game with my love :)

May 2nd - Ebay watches came in the mail! I accidentally won 7 of them....haha. they were .99 so i figured other people would bid on them.... guess not!

May 3rd - I went to the laundromat... it was quite an exciting day

May 4th (Maythefourthbewithyou) - Chris and I bought ducks to benefit Make a Wish and entered them in the duck races at Disneyland. They get to race in the It's a Small World Track :) We dressed ours up as Tomorrowland Cast Members. Autopia, Space Mountain, and even the new Star Tours II costume! The last one was planned to be a Cupcake but I failed and ended up making it the duck from Nightmare Before Christmas. Chris did a really good job on all the costumes I did terribly on the only one I had the chance to decorate. Oh well. We're prepared for next year :)

This is what they turned out like

May 5th - Chris and I are watching the Clone Wars..finished the first season and love it! Can't wait to get started on the 2nd

May 6th - The Star Tours poster is up! The countdown is on...

May 7th - My wonderful friends came down to celebrate Laura's Bachelorette Party... we went to DTF and had we had a grand time dressing her up and embarrassing her :)

May 8th - Spent the day in Disneyland with all the ladies before they went back home to Nor Cal

May 9th - Sushi... I needed sushi so bad...that I went by myself and it was totally worth it

May 10th it was an eventful day so there's more than 1 picture :) Rubber Duck races! We didn't win anything but it was fun anyways

Walking out after the duck races.... Chris cracks me up :)

Star Tours Luncheon at the Grand Californian... it was all catered and these are the desserts. They were mini so I took one of each. We also got to hear from the imagaineers and everyone so it was really awesome.

May 11th - It was a pretty day and we had breakfast at Bruxie :) Waffle sandwiches are amazing.

May 12th - They finally showed up! I ordered these like a month ago. amazing prints, shirts, paintings.... bottom line this man is talented. I love seeing things I love and I am familiar with in a different view.

May 13th - *shudder* the tours jacket came in...don't think i'll be sporting this

May 14th - had to say bye bye to the old disney id and now they are blue...same dumb picture though

May 15th - I ended up parking next to Julius and we were Klot buddies

May 16th - Chris picked us up the Tours tumblers! So excited to use this on a daily basis :)

Month is halfway over and I still have so much to do this month! I really didn't think this month would be so busy. I'll be better about taking pictures each day. But I didn't take one yesterday lol. Oh well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

what else is new?

Let's be positive now :)

Chris and I went to the first of many baseball games that we have planned for this summer! Even though the Dodgers lost we still had an awesome time in kick ass seats. I'll have to post pics once I get on a real computer again. We also didn't have to work anywhere else so met up with our friends in the Tomorrowland sofball game and watched that then went to Shakey's for pizza and more visiting and celebrating Osama's death. Which is a huge part of history. I'm just anxious to see what's going to happen next.

Little Mermaid and Star Tours are both opening up soon. Miranda is graduating 8th grade and I've got my flight booked to get up there for a couple of days then get back down here. Got a Grad night scheduled on this new schedule. Ashley is planning on coming down in July. The wedding is coming up at the end of the month ...then Leslie is crashing in the living room till we find a place together. Christine is talking about finding a house but I'm not sure I can live with her for longer than necessary. It's so nice not being in Eileens house. umm....what else? Birthdays and what nots and all sorts of good stuff in between. Spring break is over and we get a small break till summer kicks in at the park.

I might copy Ashley this week and next week post up pictures from my week. Seems like a fun thing.

found it! kinda

It's been a while since I posted. But things went well with training. She passed and so did I :D

I even had my own set of trainees and they both passed
I'm very relieved. Things went really well and they both caught on quickly and had no problem with the PA. I felt so good about it all until the other day when one of the trainees made a really bad move. I don't really want to get too far into it because it will just make me sad again. But basically he could be getting written up a safety for it. But we'll see. I took it as a reflection of my training so I took it pretty hard, I can't help it but take it personally. Danielle my friend who's a lead helped talk me through it. You give them the right tools and once they are signed off it's up to them how they use them. I'm almost afraid to train again.

And guess what Saturday is? Training! But not at's at Star Tours. Luckily and unluckily I'm getting people who already knew the attraction before so it will mostly be review and talking about the new positions that were brought in. Chris was supposed to have training at the same time but they called and pulled him out of it. Dumb. But the biggest part I'm not excited about this training is that there was no shadowing really. We're all just getting thrown and since I'm still a new trainer and have yet to get in my groove and there's no set up way to do it just yet I feel so lost. I'm attempting to keep my cool on the outside but on the inside I'm screaming for help.

This post I wanted to be positive but once I started typing all the negative stuff started to just spill

Monday, March 28, 2011

what is wrong with me?!

My nerves are starting to get the best of me. I did shadowing and then yesterday started the core trainer shadowing me. The night before I couldn't sleep. Nightmares of not waking up on time, not knowing what I'm doing and not being able to handle 2 trainees for 3 days. Thank goodness I have till Saturday till we start again so I can get my brain untangled. I felt so depressed yesterday after our opening shift. The biggest thing that I think is scaring me is not having enough time to get everything done and have them figure it out. One of the trainees called in and so I was only dealing with one and still felt like I ran short on time. The hard stuff is out of the way for the most part. 101s are a little confusing but at least we'll be backstage so it won't be as frantic. Also they aren't allowing me to bring home my training binder. so I feel a little unprepared in that way as well. I think I'm going to take it home anyway. I can't continue to feel this way. I'm confident I know what I'm doing. I don't like feeling this way. Thank goodness for Chris. He is really helping me through it. I just don't feel like I'm doing a good job. Chris talked to my trainer, well he actually trained both of us at auto, and he was asking how I was doing and let him know that if Meggan, the core trainer, didn't think I was doing it right or thought I wasn't going to be able to do it she would have pulled me out and up to the managers. So that's a good thing. She told me my nerves were adorable when I first started talking in the morning.

I really need to get my ass in gear, and I will, just need to find that boost of confidence that I lost somewhere. Have you seen it?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my year

So I've decided I want to make this my year...I really believe I'm in charge of my own happiness so I'm going to make the best of it. Starting off....

1. I got Autopia trainer!! So so excited for this and I start shadowing on the 18th and cannot wait. It's starting so fast but it will be amazing :)

2. Tax return! Extra money for paying off some bills and also saving so Chris and I can do a bay area trip for Laura's wedding. Super excited for the wedding, I'm so happy for Laura.

3. I got a smart phone! I know I'm way behind on the technology but I'm really happy that I finally have something not ghetto lol. I'm actually doing my updating on here right now!
And it's super cool looking too and I get to be a geek about it. I love it so much

4. I'm moving out of Eileen's....I've had enough of the abuse and ready to move on. Christine is letting me live with her for a little while until...

5. Leslie is moving down!! I'm super excited for that as well it will be nice having an old friend around and someone to live with :) and I really think it will help feeling homesick. I'm happy to be a part of a new chapter in her life as well.

6. Another chapter that I will be starting this year is going back to school again. Yikes! I'm really scared at the thought of going back but I chickened out last year and after a lot of thought about how I don't really have anything to show for how far I've come in my life already
I really want to not feel ashamed when people ask if I'm going to school or ask if I have a degree. Who knows I just finally find something I can see myself doing as a career and can continue my education further.

7. I'm going to be 26 this year....le sigh... but I really couldn't be happier with how my life is going. I'm the brokest I've ever been and don't have a car but I'm finally doing things that make me happy and not sacrificing my happiness for other people. It feels really good. Plus I'm very much in love and that makes everything better.

I just hope that the year brings more good fortune to me or that I make the best of what i'm given cuz really at that point you don't have any other choice.

Other things I have to look forward to this year

*Star tours opening - even if I'm not a part of opening crew I'm happy just to be a part of it opening again. I guess my interview will be next friday. I'm a little nervous.
*My baby sister is graduating 8th grade! I asked my parents to see if they can fly me up for the grad since it will just starting the summer and hard to get away from work for a full weekend.I can't believe she's going into high school already :(
*Chris and I will be seeing each other for a year this month...crazy! We didn't officially get together till 6 months later but we are still celebrating and going out to eat at the blue bayou :)
*Baseball games, plays, musicals and whatever else we feel like throwing in the,mix this year again....I'm hoping Vegas in August for my birthday again

Cheers <3

Our Trip!

Mostly a success....

Not as much snow in Tahoe as I wanted...but there's always next year. Of course it's snowing now it was too much to as for when we were up there. Grass Valley is getting a lot! Snow days and everything. I'm jealous.

We drove up after Chris got out of school and made it up pretty quick to my dad's house. Not really any traffic and I drove the whole way up.

Got up Friday morning and were a bit lazy and hung around and watched tv and made breakfast from what they had at their house. Then headed on the road. Stopped in Truckee for lunch at a place that was on Diners Drive ins and Dives (Jax on the Tracks) it was pretty good but I've had better food. The butterscotch shake though was bomb! Then we went up to Lake Tahoe. I was having issues on which way I wanted to go because we were starting to lose sunlight. I decided to take him over to Incline Village where I usually stay with my Dad and Judy and then we would head over to Heavenly and check that out. I pointed out some stuff and then we went to the park on the beach near where the timeshare hotel thing is where we usually go for Christmas and we hung around and skipped some rocks and watched the sunset. It was cold for sure but definitely no snow was on it's way. We jumped back in the car and were also in the process of making plans with Ash, Ant, Brit, Les and also Josh. We drove over to Heavenly and walked around the shops and what not but it was cold we decided to head to Grass Valley. Leslie was still at work and so we went there to say hello and then went to Jimboy's and got food. Then we went to my mom's house to meet up with Brit and drop off our stuff. We sat and talked with my mom and Dennis for a little bit and invited them along for our plans on Saturday and they said 'would think about it' Left back to CVS to pick up Les and we were meeting Josh, Ash and Ant at Mel's in Auburn. We sat there and talked and laughed for a couple of hours and then headed back to GV and went to bed.

Got up and got ready and the parents decided to opt out on what we were doing so they could you know.... sit at home and do nothing. We went to get coffee at sierra mountain and then got bagels at Bubba's and then headed out to the river. Walked down and checked it all out and felt the water and relaxed some then headed back up to walk on the Independence Trail. It was fun. We couldn't have asked for better weather outside to go exploring. The wind was warm and it was sunny and just beautiful. I miss going to the river in the summer. It had been a really really long time since I had been on Independence Trail and we got to the bridge where usually you walk down and find the newts but it was too cold for them. Ant and Chris jumped over the blocked off bridge and went down while the girls watched from above. We didn't do the full trail but wanted to head back so I could spend time with my mom since she doesn't like to leave the house. We got back into town went to SPD and got drinks and snacks then went to the high school and walked around then Chris wanted to get a pastie so we walked down from Ash & Ant's place and from there I got a call from my mom nagging and asking when we were getting back so she could visit and asked if we had dinner plans after I had already told her we did. So we finished out pasties and went over to sit there and talk till we needed to get ready to go out to Nevada City. Grandma came over and Aunt Denise and Uncle John were supposed to as well but it didn't work out. So I sat and talked with my mom and grandma and Julie came over too and I gave her her Christmas present. Julie and I bickered about dumb stuff and my grandma was a little embarrassing but she's been worse before. My mom wanted to talk to me not in front of everyone so she took me in the other room and started to guilt trip me about how I don't make time for her and how when I come to visit I only hang out with Ash and Brit basically. Same story as usual. But, ok, mom, they make time for me! Ashley has come down to visit me 3 times since I moved over a year ago (my dad and judy like 4-5 times) and you've come down to visit me once. And that was last minute jump on Aunt Denise's plan to come down and go to Disneyland. Even when i lived like an hour away it was a hassle to get you to visit me when I had my own place. You visited my first apartment and my last just to drop things off. It's always somehow my responsibility to have to come to your house and sit with you. You don't even want to go out and do things. I like to go out and do things. Obviously. She tried pulling the she's the only one that puts forth effort card and I stomped that shit out and I don't think she liked being wrong. She's been having a really hard time in her marriage and I keep telling her to do something about it and stop living your life sad and gave my you're in charge of your own life spiel and I hate people who complain who are perfectly capable of doing something about it. Then she brought up her depression which she has before to me and I tell her she needs to get help. But this time she brought it up differently. She told me that since now Julie and I are grown up and out of the house she doesn't feel she has anything to live for.  Now that got me going. I was so angry she said that. If I was in a cartoon steam would have started to pour out of my ears. I'm only 25 years old and never been married and don't have kids and she doesn't think she has anything to live for?! wtf!!!! I haven't done anything of value with my life and she's good.... she doesn't want to see me succeed anymore. And don't get me started on what Julie hasn't accomplished. Way to bring me down to earth and see how much I haven't accomplished either. Just because she barely if at all graduated High School and then got married had kids and those were her goals doesn't mean that's how everyone else wants to live their live. Or how Julie lives her life... just skating by and not getting a job and not living in the real world. I started screaming at her telling her how dare she says that to me. I have never been so angry with my mom. I'm not a mom, but there is just some things that you do not tell your children and she already crossed the line once telling me she was thinking of killing herself but this was way too far. Has nothing to live for. Screw you, then just fucking do it already is what I wanted to say too. That's bullshit. So we cried and I yelled and she took it and we came to terms and were ok when we left but needless to say she screwed up the night and my vacation.

Sopa Thai, the place we wanted to go to dinner was closed so we went to a place down the street from it called Matteo's. I felt so bad. I was such in a bad mood and couldn't decide what I wanted to eat... and didn't really want to eat and I was mad and sad and ugh pissed! After dinner we went to McGee's but still wasn't feeling it and felt bad. I wanted to have a good time but was seriously blocked. Went back to my mom's and slept but contemplated going to my dad's for the night but just planned on getting up early because I didn't want to be in that house anymore.

Well so we got up and got ready and went to my dad's house and they needed to pick up Meg from Sheila's so we went along for the ride. Stopped at BJs in El Dorado Hills for lunch and had the worst server on the planet. We the super bowl ready to tape so we could watch it when we got back. After picking up Meg and saying hi to the other horses we came back and got groceries for dinner....steak and potatoes and like 3 different desserts cuz we couldn't decide. It was nice. Got ho,e and started to prepare stuff and just chilled and watched the game. It was a much needed relax time for how upset I was after dealing with my mom. After the parents went to bed since it was a sunday night and they had to get up early for work, Chris busted out his telescope and we set it up in the backyard. It was neat and the night was clear and beautiful...I hope my parents stay in this house I really like it. So we stayed out looking at the stars for a little while then went in to bed. We got up and started packing and getting ready. We were supposed to, meet up with Mike and Shann for lunch and exploring in Old Sac but Shann ended up having a migraine that she couldn't get rid of so they canceled but we went to Old Sac anyways and looked at the shops and the river and then met up with my cousin Tim for lunch at Mikuni' so good :) and then walked around the capital and then headed home. It was a longer trip this time but the drive seemed to fly by which was awesome.

Minus the fights and lack of snow it was a nice trip and I enjoyed seeing the family.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Autopia Trainer here I come!

Or at least I'm hoping so....this is a quick outline...

-side note- this is like the 3rd post i've started.... i wish the computer would read my mind! .... well sometimes, that might be kind of creepy if it did!-

They gave us little time to get feedback from our leads but I got 9 PARS. Which is all but like 3 leads at Autopia. And they were all positive. It was really nice to hear all sorts of good things about me... it was such a mood booster. I ended up coming in everyday that week and stalking people schedules and waiting around to get feedback but it was worth it... and that was the easy part. Since I have a 'safety' that I think I went into that on another blog... wasn't exactly my fault but was... basically compromising the safety of the attraction and got written up for it. Dumb. Anyways that stays on your record for a year. And if you're looking to apply for trainer or anything higher up it counts against you. Mine comes off in March. So it's a good thing and a bad thing.... good it's almost gone but technically I'm not exactly able to apply but they make exceptions and I was determined to be that exception. 

So my thought process... get the best PARS ever, impress the new manager and convince her to let me still apply and have her do her own investigation by talking to leads and managers and find out the same thing and allow me to apply!

It worked! So she turned them in for me and then it was the hard part.

The Interview!


I don't interview well... or at least I don't think I do. I get so nervous and then start to babble and ramble and yeah, it sucks.

I got some inside information from some people for what day it was going to be and then Chris found out what time.  So I was prepared and happy to be so.

Guess what?

It went really well! Not a lot babble ramble and I got to say everything I wanted to. Would have changed one thing but I believe everything else was strong enough that it wouldn't hurt me any. Even when Philip my trainer asked how it went he had already heard that it went well :)

So I'm really confident that I have a great chance at it and really can't wait to become part of the 'leadership team'. It's cheesy but I do really love my job and look forward to it and moving up and making changes for the better.

Friday is the final interviews and then next Thursday is the lead meeting and they are going to discuss everything and should be posting soon after that I hope!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

so much for my resolution...

I haven't blogged since I said I would blog more. Ha, typical.

Not sure if I'm going to finish my 30 days thing. I just don't seem to be as interested anymore. Another typical thing of me, I get over it fast. I can always go back to it.

January so far has been a semi eventful one.

I got so lucky to have Ashley and Leslie come and visit for close to a week :D it was so much fun. We drank and ate maybe a little too much but had a good time. Went to Disneyland, wandered around Orange (I freaking love that city, I need to live there already), wandered around LA and saw Quentin Tarantino in the parking garage at the City Walk after joking around the entire day about seeing celebrities. Two awesome revelations came out from this trip and one bad one.

  • Ashley is attempting to make her move out to NYC by October this year
    • Actually this could count as a good and a bad. I don't want her to be far away but she is living out her dream so there's no way I would stand in her way. Plus it gives me an excuse to go out there
  • Leslie wants to move down here!!! 
    •  Which is the chance for me to get out of Eileen's house, in March it will be a year!
  • Ashley got sick... she texted me to warn me after she got home
    • Which in turn since all 3 of us were sleeping in the same small room got me sick as well but I was good for a day then seriously felt like I was going to die. I hadn't felt this sick since I had pneumonia.
So this sickness has been plaguing me till about now... it's not quite gone yet but it's on it's way. I was too stubborn to go to the doctor for the most part. But I gave gone through fevers, coughs, runny nose up the eye, cold sore and now that I got on antibiotics to hopefully get rid of it... the side effects of antibiotics like to get me as well so I regrettably got one of the things that I do not dare speak it's name out loud because it makes it worse. And the monthly visitor will be showing up in the next couple of days. Ya go me! Chris got it a little bit too and the cough is the lingering issue.

I'm hoping within the next couple of days it will be mostly gone because we are preparing for our own trip up to Nor Cal next weekend! Yay!

Our itinerary so far....
Thursday = Finish work and school for Chris and hit the road and stay at my Dad's place 

Friday = Wonderful Lake Tahoe
Super excited about this.... showing Chris some snow and I feel like it's been forever since I've been there and I used to go a lot :( and then possibly meeting up with a friend of ours that just moved to Auburn when we get back into town then either staying at my mom's or dad's depending where our night leaves us 

Saturday = Grass Valley Day
Going to the river (Hiking possibly?? Depending on the weather) Going to eat Thai food and something else cool... showing Chris some other cool GV things and then probably going out that night

Sunday= Dad's day
My dad and judy will be back from Minnesota for Miranda's skating competition on Saturday and so we'll get to spend Sunday with them. Probably just a lot of visiting and football watching. Chris wanted to maybe go ice skating and believes he'll be able to do a sow cow by the time he's done there, ha.

Monday = Sacramento Day
We'll be meeting up with my friends Mike and Shann and wandering around Old Sac and seeing the capital and what not then we'll be hitting the road and driving back home

Bad/Good news side note. Cyndi... Chris' sister is expected to have her baby the weekend we are in Nor Cal! So if that ends up happening our vaycay will be cut short.... but for a good cause :)

All around sounds like a good time. Other than Ash and Les visiting it wasn't too eventful actually. I'm more excited for Feb I think.

OH! I applied for Trainer at Autopia and my interview is on Monday :) ! Star Tours 2 meeting is coming up on the 1st and I'm super excited for that as well..... and speaking of work... time to get ready!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


As happened many times in the blogging world I am taking an idea from Ashley and going to make a 2010 post including pictures.... I'm hoping it won't be too difficult...

I rang in the new year in front of sleeping beauty's castle doing crowd control. It was basically miserable.... there were so many people in the park! I couldn't imagine who would want to try and fight the crowds and be in there but 60k + do every year.Ugh

sea of peoples....

Sadly we didn't get too far into the year and we lost Grandma Barbara. She had been fighting Thyroid Cancer. Her service was set for the next month so I was looking into ways of getting up north.

I got a second job! I needed it so badly! It didn't last long but it did come back to me later in the year.

Also there was a lot of rain...and flooding at my apartment which was awesome to try and walk through when I was trying to get to work.

I finally starting hanging out with people outside of work and it was nice to start making some friends :)


The Main Street Electrical Parade was sent to Florida :( and I was sad about that.


I was able to go up to Nor Cal for the memorial service but it was just a quick weekend up and just spent time with family and then flew back here

Autopia had a bowling night so there was more opportunities to hang out with people, it was a super fun night.

Cassy and Garrick came down to visit me before they moved to Connecticut so that was a fun weekend as well.

 Game nights a plenty and I had finally found a place to live.... and I was so excited to be able to start living!

Earned my 'ears' at disney and was finally off probation.

 Starting hanging out with Chris. St. Patty's Day


Autopia Beach day.We ate, we played football, hung around and got sunburnt.... it was awesome. I made Lemon Bars

Cross Trained to tours

Got my car back! 

Grad nites.Up all night and dealing with the class of 2010... i sometimes fear for the future. But we had fun!

Dodgers Game

Angels game

Long Beach Aquarium

Flight of the Conchords at the Hollywood Bowl

Charlotte born

Spencer came to visit

World of color  premiere

Family Reunion

Angels vs. Dodgers

Ankle sprain and transitional duty...

TS3 at El Capitan

Birthday party in Hollywood

Family Visiting

Star Tours closing


Las Vegas for early bday celebrations and celebration of Danielle's & Joe's Bday too

My Bday and Ash visiting!


Autopia Banquet

Awesome day of fun stuff with Chris

Chris and I became official on Ash's bday actually and the next weekend we headed up to Nor Cal for Sara's wedding and I got to show him some Nor Cal things :)


Chris' ride

Tours Banquet

Year Pin Ceremony



Miranda's Ice Skating Competition

Catalina- The Trip where we celebrated our birthdays


Holiday Party

Price is Right

Awesome Christmas presents which I went into detail about already....the Peter pan 360 show, Adam Carolla's book and seeing him at the Irvine Improv and getting to meet him and him signing my book but I did spend Christmas with Chris' family and it was a really fun time. Even opened presents at midnight. Which was a first...Chris also got me a space heater for my room which works awesomely and a sweet star wars calendar that when you're done you can keep the pictures and they are all the movie posters! i love it :)

This year has definitely had it's ups.... and certainly it's downs. I can't forget about my Burnadette being taken away because I couldn't pay for her anymore. Light from that tunnel is that she sold for more than I owed so I got a nice check from that.

Everything happens for a reason and I'm always looking forward to finding out those reasons.

Resolution.... blog more so it's not as hard to catch up on another year as it took me tonight! ugh! i have to work at 730am!