Friday, September 2, 2011

"The City that knows how." William Howard Taft

San Francisco, of course!

We drove up after I trained Chris at Star Tours.... lol good times

We made really good time and got to our hotel in little Tokyo, Hotel Tomo, a Best Western hotel and each room had a different mural. Ours looked like a Bambi one.

The first night we ordered in and got some terrible food that took forever but we watched Harry Potter and went to bed.

this is so old now i'm really forgetting what we did... 

Sooo next day we got up and got ready and hopped on the Muni to get to AT&T park for the Giants game! Chris had got amazing seats but wouldn't tell me where they were until we got there. We first went into the store to get some Giants gear so we could blend in and not get yelled at for being from SoCal. I was so shocked when they took us to our seats... they were so amazing!! Section 115 Row C Seats 5&6 basically right behind home plate and up close and personal with everything. We even got special bathrooms and food court area where it was way less crowded.

After that we made it back to the hotel and it was just about time to meet up with Ashley and Anthony. They just flew in from Costa Rica and I went and picked them up at the BART station. Then we got ready for dinner and went to a sushi place since we were in Japantown. I was looking forward to some saki and good sushi but didn't get either. That place was seriously disappointing. We were looking for dessert with the power of all our smart phones combined we found a place called Citizen Cake which was fancy dessert and coffee. It made things a little better but I still ended up choosing something I didn't really like, lol.

The next day we got up for our touristy san fran day. Walked down the block and had an amazing breakfast and then got on the road to the Walt Disney Family Museum. We all got student admission, whoohoo, and took our time looking through all the history. Learned some stuff I didn't know and it was really interesting. Next we decided to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and weren't exactly sure what we were doing but found a way to walk down and get under it and to Fort Point. It was a blustery day just as usual in SF so it made for some fun pictures and it was really neat being under the bridge like that. After that we hopped back in the car and attempted to find Lombard Street and success we found it! Then to the Ghirardelli Square for eats and exploring. We found a pub type place and eat then got some cupcakes, chocolate, and ice cream and went walking towards Pier 39. We looked around the little shops then watched the seals/sea lions for a while. We headed back toward the car and back to the hotel. We were hoping to find a place that was hopping but it was dead out... we stopped by a pizza place close to the hotel and got a little appetizer before calling it a day.

Next day we had half the day for some exploring and we all were having to leave the city :( we went to a fancy breakfast place then toward Haight & Ashbury and found the Full House house on the way. Explored around H&A for a little while then headed up to Twin Peaks. Every time I had been up there before it was too cloudy to see anything. But this day was nice and clear and of course... windy :D After spending some time up there we went down the hill again to a restaurant the was one of the 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down according to travel channel i think. but to me it was just a regular burrito place... and the bathrooms were gross. After lunch we had to say goodbye to Ash and Ant and dropped them off at the BART station and we needed to hit the road to Marina for our next chapter of the trip :)

***More pictures to be added later.... my lappy was not being cooperative***

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