Wednesday, May 18, 2011

droid picture round up

Not exactly a week... almost like a month... I'll finish it up for the month once the month is done :) I'm surprised I took as many as I did. I guess I could do a monthly instead of weekly round up....hmmmm

May 1st - Dodger Game with my love :)

May 2nd - Ebay watches came in the mail! I accidentally won 7 of them....haha. they were .99 so i figured other people would bid on them.... guess not!

May 3rd - I went to the laundromat... it was quite an exciting day

May 4th (Maythefourthbewithyou) - Chris and I bought ducks to benefit Make a Wish and entered them in the duck races at Disneyland. They get to race in the It's a Small World Track :) We dressed ours up as Tomorrowland Cast Members. Autopia, Space Mountain, and even the new Star Tours II costume! The last one was planned to be a Cupcake but I failed and ended up making it the duck from Nightmare Before Christmas. Chris did a really good job on all the costumes I did terribly on the only one I had the chance to decorate. Oh well. We're prepared for next year :)

This is what they turned out like

May 5th - Chris and I are watching the Clone Wars..finished the first season and love it! Can't wait to get started on the 2nd

May 6th - The Star Tours poster is up! The countdown is on...

May 7th - My wonderful friends came down to celebrate Laura's Bachelorette Party... we went to DTF and had we had a grand time dressing her up and embarrassing her :)

May 8th - Spent the day in Disneyland with all the ladies before they went back home to Nor Cal

May 9th - Sushi... I needed sushi so bad...that I went by myself and it was totally worth it

May 10th it was an eventful day so there's more than 1 picture :) Rubber Duck races! We didn't win anything but it was fun anyways

Walking out after the duck races.... Chris cracks me up :)

Star Tours Luncheon at the Grand Californian... it was all catered and these are the desserts. They were mini so I took one of each. We also got to hear from the imagaineers and everyone so it was really awesome.

May 11th - It was a pretty day and we had breakfast at Bruxie :) Waffle sandwiches are amazing.

May 12th - They finally showed up! I ordered these like a month ago. amazing prints, shirts, paintings.... bottom line this man is talented. I love seeing things I love and I am familiar with in a different view.

May 13th - *shudder* the tours jacket came in...don't think i'll be sporting this

May 14th - had to say bye bye to the old disney id and now they are blue...same dumb picture though

May 15th - I ended up parking next to Julius and we were Klot buddies

May 16th - Chris picked us up the Tours tumblers! So excited to use this on a daily basis :)

Month is halfway over and I still have so much to do this month! I really didn't think this month would be so busy. I'll be better about taking pictures each day. But I didn't take one yesterday lol. Oh well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

what else is new?

Let's be positive now :)

Chris and I went to the first of many baseball games that we have planned for this summer! Even though the Dodgers lost we still had an awesome time in kick ass seats. I'll have to post pics once I get on a real computer again. We also didn't have to work anywhere else so met up with our friends in the Tomorrowland sofball game and watched that then went to Shakey's for pizza and more visiting and celebrating Osama's death. Which is a huge part of history. I'm just anxious to see what's going to happen next.

Little Mermaid and Star Tours are both opening up soon. Miranda is graduating 8th grade and I've got my flight booked to get up there for a couple of days then get back down here. Got a Grad night scheduled on this new schedule. Ashley is planning on coming down in July. The wedding is coming up at the end of the month ...then Leslie is crashing in the living room till we find a place together. Christine is talking about finding a house but I'm not sure I can live with her for longer than necessary. It's so nice not being in Eileens house. umm....what else? Birthdays and what nots and all sorts of good stuff in between. Spring break is over and we get a small break till summer kicks in at the park.

I might copy Ashley this week and next week post up pictures from my week. Seems like a fun thing.

found it! kinda

It's been a while since I posted. But things went well with training. She passed and so did I :D

I even had my own set of trainees and they both passed
I'm very relieved. Things went really well and they both caught on quickly and had no problem with the PA. I felt so good about it all until the other day when one of the trainees made a really bad move. I don't really want to get too far into it because it will just make me sad again. But basically he could be getting written up a safety for it. But we'll see. I took it as a reflection of my training so I took it pretty hard, I can't help it but take it personally. Danielle my friend who's a lead helped talk me through it. You give them the right tools and once they are signed off it's up to them how they use them. I'm almost afraid to train again.

And guess what Saturday is? Training! But not at's at Star Tours. Luckily and unluckily I'm getting people who already knew the attraction before so it will mostly be review and talking about the new positions that were brought in. Chris was supposed to have training at the same time but they called and pulled him out of it. Dumb. But the biggest part I'm not excited about this training is that there was no shadowing really. We're all just getting thrown and since I'm still a new trainer and have yet to get in my groove and there's no set up way to do it just yet I feel so lost. I'm attempting to keep my cool on the outside but on the inside I'm screaming for help.

This post I wanted to be positive but once I started typing all the negative stuff started to just spill