Monday, May 2, 2011

what else is new?

Let's be positive now :)

Chris and I went to the first of many baseball games that we have planned for this summer! Even though the Dodgers lost we still had an awesome time in kick ass seats. I'll have to post pics once I get on a real computer again. We also didn't have to work anywhere else so met up with our friends in the Tomorrowland sofball game and watched that then went to Shakey's for pizza and more visiting and celebrating Osama's death. Which is a huge part of history. I'm just anxious to see what's going to happen next.

Little Mermaid and Star Tours are both opening up soon. Miranda is graduating 8th grade and I've got my flight booked to get up there for a couple of days then get back down here. Got a Grad night scheduled on this new schedule. Ashley is planning on coming down in July. The wedding is coming up at the end of the month ...then Leslie is crashing in the living room till we find a place together. Christine is talking about finding a house but I'm not sure I can live with her for longer than necessary. It's so nice not being in Eileens house. umm....what else? Birthdays and what nots and all sorts of good stuff in between. Spring break is over and we get a small break till summer kicks in at the park.

I might copy Ashley this week and next week post up pictures from my week. Seems like a fun thing.


  1. When is Mirandas graduation??
    I'm looking forward to SF!
    And posting the cell phone pictures is very fun! =) do it!

  2. June 9th

    Omg Meeeee too :D

    Alright we'll see how I do