Wednesday, May 18, 2011

droid picture round up

Not exactly a week... almost like a month... I'll finish it up for the month once the month is done :) I'm surprised I took as many as I did. I guess I could do a monthly instead of weekly round up....hmmmm

May 1st - Dodger Game with my love :)

May 2nd - Ebay watches came in the mail! I accidentally won 7 of them....haha. they were .99 so i figured other people would bid on them.... guess not!

May 3rd - I went to the laundromat... it was quite an exciting day

May 4th (Maythefourthbewithyou) - Chris and I bought ducks to benefit Make a Wish and entered them in the duck races at Disneyland. They get to race in the It's a Small World Track :) We dressed ours up as Tomorrowland Cast Members. Autopia, Space Mountain, and even the new Star Tours II costume! The last one was planned to be a Cupcake but I failed and ended up making it the duck from Nightmare Before Christmas. Chris did a really good job on all the costumes I did terribly on the only one I had the chance to decorate. Oh well. We're prepared for next year :)

This is what they turned out like

May 5th - Chris and I are watching the Clone Wars..finished the first season and love it! Can't wait to get started on the 2nd

May 6th - The Star Tours poster is up! The countdown is on...

May 7th - My wonderful friends came down to celebrate Laura's Bachelorette Party... we went to DTF and had we had a grand time dressing her up and embarrassing her :)

May 8th - Spent the day in Disneyland with all the ladies before they went back home to Nor Cal

May 9th - Sushi... I needed sushi so bad...that I went by myself and it was totally worth it

May 10th it was an eventful day so there's more than 1 picture :) Rubber Duck races! We didn't win anything but it was fun anyways

Walking out after the duck races.... Chris cracks me up :)

Star Tours Luncheon at the Grand Californian... it was all catered and these are the desserts. They were mini so I took one of each. We also got to hear from the imagaineers and everyone so it was really awesome.

May 11th - It was a pretty day and we had breakfast at Bruxie :) Waffle sandwiches are amazing.

May 12th - They finally showed up! I ordered these like a month ago. amazing prints, shirts, paintings.... bottom line this man is talented. I love seeing things I love and I am familiar with in a different view.

May 13th - *shudder* the tours jacket came in...don't think i'll be sporting this

May 14th - had to say bye bye to the old disney id and now they are blue...same dumb picture though

May 15th - I ended up parking next to Julius and we were Klot buddies

May 16th - Chris picked us up the Tours tumblers! So excited to use this on a daily basis :)

Month is halfway over and I still have so much to do this month! I really didn't think this month would be so busy. I'll be better about taking pictures each day. But I didn't take one yesterday lol. Oh well.

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