Monday, May 28, 2012


Leslie is getting married! In October. So that has pretty much taken over a good chunk of my life and my year.

It's basically June already. I can't believe it. Things have been going very well all things considered.

Ash visiting was a good time as always.

Chris and I have been living in our apartment and enjoying it so much. It's so nice. He seems a lot happier too.

The Big Bear trip was good fun.

We surprised Miranda for her birthday and spent a good long weekend up in Nor Cal. Chris even flew up there and did so well :) We also surprised my mom for Mother's Day. I was very weary about that but it worked out well. But we weren't alone together but I think that's what helped. Baby steps, they are fine by me. I still have yet to receive that letter.

Still looking when the best weekend for Miranda to come down to visit. Judy doesn't want her to be left alone so I have to make sure that I have all the days off. I will just have to request the weekend days off and see what I can do. For her birthday I think I took her to her first rated R movie. Mostly on accident. haha.

I booked the hotel for the family reunion in July. Excited about that.

Chris applied and of course was accepted to be on the opening crew for Carsland at Radiator Springs Racers. He's finally all trained and is looking at a very busy summer. But Disneyland will be busy too. I am a little sad that we're not working in the same land anymore but I'm excited for him to be in a new environment and having some new experiences. In other work news, I got trained at Space Mountain. It's easier and harder at the same time than what I expected. If that makes any sense at all. I like it but I'd rather be lead at autopia. The A Lead of Star Tours asked me to be a lead over at Star Tours. So I'm very excited about that new adventure too. They posted for new leads in Tomorrowland since we lost a good chunk to Carsland  but she told me I didn't have to apply or go through the interview process which is a relief. It's nice when your work speaks for itself.

So September is Vegas on Ash's bday weekend for the Bachelorette party for Leslie. It's crazy that it's happening so quickly. Speaking of we need to order our dresses... Leslie has been a little challenging because she's a procrastinator and also she's indecisive and doesn't want to do any of the dirty work as in calling anyone. The wedding is October 11. (10.11.12) They are excited and happy and I'm happy for them. That's all that really matters. So we're winging it.  And I love the planning and all that stuff but she's including me but also leaving me out of things and it's making me just a little crazy.

I amazingly have time to be blogging because I'm actually injured. I somehow messed up my foot and can't really walk so well so after being in pain for over a month I finally went to urgent care and got some xrays. Still no word on that. And I forced myself to actually take some sick days and rest it. I say I forced myself but really Chris had to talk me into it. It's feeling better. My day off is tomorrow and then I still have one more sick day and I'll be heading back to work on Thursday. Hopefully all this rest is helping. But I have serious cabin fever. Yesterday Chris and I went to the Garden Grove Strawberry festival but he somehow acquired a wheelchair and pushed me around in it so I didn't have to walk. I was grateful but also very embarrassed at the same time. I do not wish that on anyone... ugh I felt as if everyone was staring at me and I had to stare at everyone's butts. I did not like it one bit. I think I'm too prideful to do that again, I know I'm ok and I feel like a fraud in a wheelchair and I would rather walk through the pain.

Anyhoo, got a date with the in-laws... the sisters are so sweet and they invite me to go places with them. It really does make me feel special. I better throw myself together.

Hopefully it won't be another 6 months or whatever before I blog again.