Saturday, August 13, 2011

Star Tours II : The Adventures Continue

Grand Opening June 3rd 2011!

Yay! Def late on updating this being open but I was still very excited about it all. There was a planned opening ceremony and people lined outside the park to be some of the first to ride on opening day. I didn't end up starting work until 645pm and wanted to be there for the opening ceremony but glad I didn't because from the video coverage I saw of it, it was terrible.

I feel so happy that I was a part of the opening crew and also part of the old attraction closing crew. It was definitely on my list of things to do before leaving Disney. If I ever do. I feel like what a call a 'lifer' at this point.

I only ended up staying till 2:30am when we closed at midnight but I really figured I would stay longer.

Anyhoo things are still running well but things are starting to slow down. The fast passes still book out before noon every day though.

This is kind of a terrible picture of me but it's the costume and me and in front of the cast previews sign...wooooo

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