Saturday, January 1, 2011


As happened many times in the blogging world I am taking an idea from Ashley and going to make a 2010 post including pictures.... I'm hoping it won't be too difficult...

I rang in the new year in front of sleeping beauty's castle doing crowd control. It was basically miserable.... there were so many people in the park! I couldn't imagine who would want to try and fight the crowds and be in there but 60k + do every year.Ugh

sea of peoples....

Sadly we didn't get too far into the year and we lost Grandma Barbara. She had been fighting Thyroid Cancer. Her service was set for the next month so I was looking into ways of getting up north.

I got a second job! I needed it so badly! It didn't last long but it did come back to me later in the year.

Also there was a lot of rain...and flooding at my apartment which was awesome to try and walk through when I was trying to get to work.

I finally starting hanging out with people outside of work and it was nice to start making some friends :)


The Main Street Electrical Parade was sent to Florida :( and I was sad about that.


I was able to go up to Nor Cal for the memorial service but it was just a quick weekend up and just spent time with family and then flew back here

Autopia had a bowling night so there was more opportunities to hang out with people, it was a super fun night.

Cassy and Garrick came down to visit me before they moved to Connecticut so that was a fun weekend as well.

 Game nights a plenty and I had finally found a place to live.... and I was so excited to be able to start living!

Earned my 'ears' at disney and was finally off probation.

 Starting hanging out with Chris. St. Patty's Day


Autopia Beach day.We ate, we played football, hung around and got sunburnt.... it was awesome. I made Lemon Bars

Cross Trained to tours

Got my car back! 

Grad nites.Up all night and dealing with the class of 2010... i sometimes fear for the future. But we had fun!

Dodgers Game

Angels game

Long Beach Aquarium

Flight of the Conchords at the Hollywood Bowl

Charlotte born

Spencer came to visit

World of color  premiere

Family Reunion

Angels vs. Dodgers

Ankle sprain and transitional duty...

TS3 at El Capitan

Birthday party in Hollywood

Family Visiting

Star Tours closing


Las Vegas for early bday celebrations and celebration of Danielle's & Joe's Bday too

My Bday and Ash visiting!


Autopia Banquet

Awesome day of fun stuff with Chris

Chris and I became official on Ash's bday actually and the next weekend we headed up to Nor Cal for Sara's wedding and I got to show him some Nor Cal things :)


Chris' ride

Tours Banquet

Year Pin Ceremony



Miranda's Ice Skating Competition

Catalina- The Trip where we celebrated our birthdays


Holiday Party

Price is Right

Awesome Christmas presents which I went into detail about already....the Peter pan 360 show, Adam Carolla's book and seeing him at the Irvine Improv and getting to meet him and him signing my book but I did spend Christmas with Chris' family and it was a really fun time. Even opened presents at midnight. Which was a first...Chris also got me a space heater for my room which works awesomely and a sweet star wars calendar that when you're done you can keep the pictures and they are all the movie posters! i love it :)

This year has definitely had it's ups.... and certainly it's downs. I can't forget about my Burnadette being taken away because I couldn't pay for her anymore. Light from that tunnel is that she sold for more than I owed so I got a nice check from that.

Everything happens for a reason and I'm always looking forward to finding out those reasons.

Resolution.... blog more so it's not as hard to catch up on another year as it took me tonight! ugh! i have to work at 730am!

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  1. you didn't copy me, no worries... everyone in the 'blogging world' does something similar! =)

    You had one heck of a year! =) See you soon!