Sunday, January 30, 2011

so much for my resolution...

I haven't blogged since I said I would blog more. Ha, typical.

Not sure if I'm going to finish my 30 days thing. I just don't seem to be as interested anymore. Another typical thing of me, I get over it fast. I can always go back to it.

January so far has been a semi eventful one.

I got so lucky to have Ashley and Leslie come and visit for close to a week :D it was so much fun. We drank and ate maybe a little too much but had a good time. Went to Disneyland, wandered around Orange (I freaking love that city, I need to live there already), wandered around LA and saw Quentin Tarantino in the parking garage at the City Walk after joking around the entire day about seeing celebrities. Two awesome revelations came out from this trip and one bad one.

  • Ashley is attempting to make her move out to NYC by October this year
    • Actually this could count as a good and a bad. I don't want her to be far away but she is living out her dream so there's no way I would stand in her way. Plus it gives me an excuse to go out there
  • Leslie wants to move down here!!! 
    •  Which is the chance for me to get out of Eileen's house, in March it will be a year!
  • Ashley got sick... she texted me to warn me after she got home
    • Which in turn since all 3 of us were sleeping in the same small room got me sick as well but I was good for a day then seriously felt like I was going to die. I hadn't felt this sick since I had pneumonia.
So this sickness has been plaguing me till about now... it's not quite gone yet but it's on it's way. I was too stubborn to go to the doctor for the most part. But I gave gone through fevers, coughs, runny nose up the eye, cold sore and now that I got on antibiotics to hopefully get rid of it... the side effects of antibiotics like to get me as well so I regrettably got one of the things that I do not dare speak it's name out loud because it makes it worse. And the monthly visitor will be showing up in the next couple of days. Ya go me! Chris got it a little bit too and the cough is the lingering issue.

I'm hoping within the next couple of days it will be mostly gone because we are preparing for our own trip up to Nor Cal next weekend! Yay!

Our itinerary so far....
Thursday = Finish work and school for Chris and hit the road and stay at my Dad's place 

Friday = Wonderful Lake Tahoe
Super excited about this.... showing Chris some snow and I feel like it's been forever since I've been there and I used to go a lot :( and then possibly meeting up with a friend of ours that just moved to Auburn when we get back into town then either staying at my mom's or dad's depending where our night leaves us 

Saturday = Grass Valley Day
Going to the river (Hiking possibly?? Depending on the weather) Going to eat Thai food and something else cool... showing Chris some other cool GV things and then probably going out that night

Sunday= Dad's day
My dad and judy will be back from Minnesota for Miranda's skating competition on Saturday and so we'll get to spend Sunday with them. Probably just a lot of visiting and football watching. Chris wanted to maybe go ice skating and believes he'll be able to do a sow cow by the time he's done there, ha.

Monday = Sacramento Day
We'll be meeting up with my friends Mike and Shann and wandering around Old Sac and seeing the capital and what not then we'll be hitting the road and driving back home

Bad/Good news side note. Cyndi... Chris' sister is expected to have her baby the weekend we are in Nor Cal! So if that ends up happening our vaycay will be cut short.... but for a good cause :)

All around sounds like a good time. Other than Ash and Les visiting it wasn't too eventful actually. I'm more excited for Feb I think.

OH! I applied for Trainer at Autopia and my interview is on Monday :) ! Star Tours 2 meeting is coming up on the 1st and I'm super excited for that as well..... and speaking of work... time to get ready!

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