Friday, February 11, 2011

Autopia Trainer here I come!

Or at least I'm hoping so....this is a quick outline...

-side note- this is like the 3rd post i've started.... i wish the computer would read my mind! .... well sometimes, that might be kind of creepy if it did!-

They gave us little time to get feedback from our leads but I got 9 PARS. Which is all but like 3 leads at Autopia. And they were all positive. It was really nice to hear all sorts of good things about me... it was such a mood booster. I ended up coming in everyday that week and stalking people schedules and waiting around to get feedback but it was worth it... and that was the easy part. Since I have a 'safety' that I think I went into that on another blog... wasn't exactly my fault but was... basically compromising the safety of the attraction and got written up for it. Dumb. Anyways that stays on your record for a year. And if you're looking to apply for trainer or anything higher up it counts against you. Mine comes off in March. So it's a good thing and a bad thing.... good it's almost gone but technically I'm not exactly able to apply but they make exceptions and I was determined to be that exception. 

So my thought process... get the best PARS ever, impress the new manager and convince her to let me still apply and have her do her own investigation by talking to leads and managers and find out the same thing and allow me to apply!

It worked! So she turned them in for me and then it was the hard part.

The Interview!


I don't interview well... or at least I don't think I do. I get so nervous and then start to babble and ramble and yeah, it sucks.

I got some inside information from some people for what day it was going to be and then Chris found out what time.  So I was prepared and happy to be so.

Guess what?

It went really well! Not a lot babble ramble and I got to say everything I wanted to. Would have changed one thing but I believe everything else was strong enough that it wouldn't hurt me any. Even when Philip my trainer asked how it went he had already heard that it went well :)

So I'm really confident that I have a great chance at it and really can't wait to become part of the 'leadership team'. It's cheesy but I do really love my job and look forward to it and moving up and making changes for the better.

Friday is the final interviews and then next Thursday is the lead meeting and they are going to discuss everything and should be posting soon after that I hope!

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