Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my year

So I've decided I want to make this my year...I really believe I'm in charge of my own happiness so I'm going to make the best of it. Starting off....

1. I got Autopia trainer!! So so excited for this and I start shadowing on the 18th and cannot wait. It's starting so fast but it will be amazing :)

2. Tax return! Extra money for paying off some bills and also saving so Chris and I can do a bay area trip for Laura's wedding. Super excited for the wedding, I'm so happy for Laura.

3. I got a smart phone! I know I'm way behind on the technology but I'm really happy that I finally have something not ghetto lol. I'm actually doing my updating on here right now!
And it's super cool looking too and I get to be a geek about it. I love it so much

4. I'm moving out of Eileen's....I've had enough of the abuse and ready to move on. Christine is letting me live with her for a little while until...

5. Leslie is moving down!! I'm super excited for that as well it will be nice having an old friend around and someone to live with :) and I really think it will help feeling homesick. I'm happy to be a part of a new chapter in her life as well.

6. Another chapter that I will be starting this year is going back to school again. Yikes! I'm really scared at the thought of going back but I chickened out last year and after a lot of thought about how I don't really have anything to show for how far I've come in my life already
I really want to not feel ashamed when people ask if I'm going to school or ask if I have a degree. Who knows I just finally find something I can see myself doing as a career and can continue my education further.

7. I'm going to be 26 this year....le sigh... but I really couldn't be happier with how my life is going. I'm the brokest I've ever been and don't have a car but I'm finally doing things that make me happy and not sacrificing my happiness for other people. It feels really good. Plus I'm very much in love and that makes everything better.

I just hope that the year brings more good fortune to me or that I make the best of what i'm given cuz really at that point you don't have any other choice.

Other things I have to look forward to this year

*Star tours opening - even if I'm not a part of opening crew I'm happy just to be a part of it opening again. I guess my interview will be next friday. I'm a little nervous.
*My baby sister is graduating 8th grade! I asked my parents to see if they can fly me up for the grad since it will just starting the summer and hard to get away from work for a full weekend.I can't believe she's going into high school already :(
*Chris and I will be seeing each other for a year this month...crazy! We didn't officially get together till 6 months later but we are still celebrating and going out to eat at the blue bayou :)
*Baseball games, plays, musicals and whatever else we feel like throwing in the,mix this year again....I'm hoping Vegas in August for my birthday again

Cheers <3

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