Friday, June 15, 2012


Welp. I've been having problems with my foot ever since I started wearing some boots and started to figure out that they were probably the wrong size. After changing shoes and still having problems but still continuing to play kickball I really messed up my foot. What really sucked is that I was waiting for my insurance to kick in and didn't have insurance yet. I gave in once and went to Urgent Care but they had to refer me to a podiatrist and no way I would go to a specialist without insurance. So my info and card came in the mail and I immediately made an appt but needed to see my general practitioner first so she could refer me to the specialist. So I did that. Met her, super cool lady, and she got me the referral, gave me a pap and got all sorts of shit all done. I definitely got my $20 co-pay's worth out of that visit. So I go get my blood drawn and x-rays done the next day then call podiatry to get an appt. I had a choice of an appointment the next day but I would have to leave the cupcake store early and have someone come in and cover or July 2nd was the next appointment. I first opted to take the July 2nd. But shortly realized why would I continue to keep myself in pain when I need to get it looked at. So I called back and was determined to make it work.  

I went to the appointment not knowing what to expect but really thinking it was going to be the worst. He checked out the x-rays and nothing was broken but he felt around and was asking me questions about it all and diagnosed me with Peroneal Tendinitis and took me out of work for 10 weeks.

10 weeks.... no work


I can't just not work for 10 weeks! Work is my life. I have 2 jobs. I can't just sit around for 10 weeks.

But basically I have to. It's not worth having to have surgery or it getting worse and messing up my feet for the rest of my life or have it make other things worse later on down the road.. It's not broken but with the cast and how I have to treat it to heal it's as if it was broken.

I was in shock. Next the nurse came in and asked me what my shoe size was so she could fit me for this thing

I was still in shock... I didn't want to believe it and he was talking to me about going on disability and where to go to set that up. I never thought I would ever have to be on state disability. And here I am.

She fitted me for the boot and I hobbled back to the car trying to get used to walking in and once I got in and turned the car on I just started to cry.

I gained composure and headed to the disability place to file for that and it just didn't seem real. After that I went over to Disneyland to go turn in the paperwork for them. I went to TDA because I thought I needed to see HR about it but then was redirected to CFA (Cast First Aid) to turn in the paperwork. I was supposed to start work at 345 and it was around 1 or so by the time I got to Disney. I figured once I dropped my stuff off at CFA I should probably go in person to call out sick for the day and let them know it was going to be for 10 weeks. When I got upstairs to central they were looking at me and they had seen me hobbling around and I told them I went to the doctor and showed them the note. Then I couldn't contain myself again and I started crying. I feel like I am abandoning my team in one of the most needed times. Freaking Carsland opens the next day and 10 weeks puts me out for basically the entire summer. So I started to walk out and one of the managers Kacie saw me and was like what's with your foot so I started to explain to her and started crying again too, haha. I'm such a baby. But I sat in with her and another manager Paul (maybe he actually will remember my name now) and talked about the diagnosis and she googled it for me and reassured me everything would be fine and they were talking about disability and it helped a little. I said goodbye to them and then headed downstairs and just kept running into people and having to explain what was wrong and tell them I'd be gone. It just kept making me more and more sad. I had a bunch of people texting me and talked to more than enough people that everyone will probably know the story plus adding a purple monkey dishwasher story on top of it.

So I started to try and think positively about it all and I have so many scrapbook things I can start and finish and have fun with that doesn't require me walking around. Reorganize my clothes get the room all set up. I could go home for a week and not have to worry about it and I wanted Miranda to come down to spend some time with me here and now I can make that happen too. Once I started to think of all the things that I could do 10 weeks started to sound like a short period of time. I'm still planning on going to Vegas at the end of the month and taking a wheelchair to accompany me and I won't have to worry about getting the time off for my Family Reunion in July. Plus boom I can blog! I figured I could write something every day to remember how I spend my summer vacation at age 26 and not being in school. I don't want to waste this time but I think today will be my lazy day and not get anything done other than blog :)

 I have a follow up appointment on the 10th so we will see how that goes but I think that's about it for now so hopefully I can use the time wisely and get some fun stuff done and hopefully the disability checks don't take too long to come in :( I have some money saved up right now and technincally I should be spending less while at home so we will see. 

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