Saturday, July 17, 2010

1 of 30 - Best Friend



Supposedly these are supposed to be anonymous but this one would never be able to be that way. This is her ----> my bestie!

 Ashley Elizabeth Kosher

5' 8 1/2" of awesomeness! (I'm pretty sure that's how tall she is)


I'm so lucky because the woman that is my best friend I have also had the privilege of her also being my sister. (Step....but it's all relative) I know that everything happens for a reason and part of my parents being divorced I think has brought her into my life. If our parents didn't start dating.... even though we rode the same bus....(strange, right?) I don't think our lives would have been intertwined as much as I know they were meant to be. 


As we all know, growing up is hard. And without someone in your life that is there as a sturdy rock to help you through it.... it can be even harder. I, in my own mind, lost my older sister Julie in a time when I felt I really needed her (I guess I will go over that more once I get to the sibling challenge) but I had Ashley and Brittney to be there for me instead. Really I don't know how I would have turned out if it wasn't for them. Possibly down the same path or a somewhat similar one as Julie...? I sure hope not, I just know that both of them helped me out a lot. I'll talk about both Ashley and Brittney real quick... but we three (the wonderful three) shared a room, a garage transformed into a room! But it brought us even closer together. I remember just laying in bed for hours with the lights off and us being able to talk about anything and everything.... the simplest things to our hopes and dreams and fears. I miss those nights every night when I fall asleep alone. I think it has made it hard for me to sleep alone since it was something I became so accustomed to.  

As much as we joked with Ashley about being a wet blanket, she was my wet blanket and I needed her. She was the one to kinda bring my head outta the clouds and be like "hey... ! reality's down here" I'm a little more passive when it comes to things and she's one to question everything.... and things that I wouldn't think to question... and it's a good thing to step back and take a look around as to what the situation may actually have attached with it. 


Both Ashley and I are super competitive.... most of the fights that we ever got into.... were because we were competing for something and the other one lost... one may have gloated a little and it pissed the other one off. haha. I think we learned it fairly early on this little tidbit about each other and found ways to avoid it. By declaring that we were a package deal when being picked for teams.... we made it so we wouldn't compete against each other.... even though in the back of our minds I know we wanted to. But it wasn't worth the fight! We keep it fair and we know each others limits. 


The hardest part of moving to Southern California was moving away from my family... and especially Ashley. Even when I moved down to Rocklin after graduating High School.... I remember the evening driving away and then just crying in my new room about to start my new college life but thinking of everything that I left behind. On the move down here I didn't cry as much. But I did end up thinking that I wish I could just take her with me... being selfish so I could have her with me to help me through my days. And the weird thing is.... we don't even talk that much... we never call each other.... and I don't feel the need to for some reason. We both don't like talking on the phone very much... I would much rather be sitting in front of her being able to have one of our talks. So with that being said... me being.... lemme see....  roughly 470 miles away from her now. We can still think on the same wavelength... we can be thinking the same things at the same time and I just love the connection that we have. 


She is so informed and always looking to be informed and I like when she informs me of things. (Lots of inform....s in there) She is what I would call cautiously curious. Which I think is a good way to be. I know if there is something trending, she's all over it.... including but not limited to the internets (myspace, facebook, twitter, yelp, lol) 


Another connection that we have is that we can just look at each other and know what's going on. It's actually quite fun at times. It's something I look forward to. This woman, Ashley, is hilarious... if you give her the chance. Sometimes she can be pushed off to the side because she isn't always pushing for the center of attention but once she gets that spotlight.... she rocks it. She has these outbursts of loudness that make me laugh so hard! She is caring, kind and generous. You know when she cares about you. She shows it.


She strong and if she doesn't like something that you're doing or doesn't agree, she will most likely tell you unless it will cause more damage to whomever it's worth. She will always stand up for what she believes in even if it's against the popular vote. She longs for more out of life and is looking to go out and get it, I believe she will do great things. She sings loud and proud even if she thinks she doesn't sound good. She has a creative streak that she seems to just be dipping into and it's blooming like crazy. She has so many layers... She is strong and has all the qualities a good friend should. 

I can always count on her to be my savior in situations where we both feel out of place....we can be there together... hold strong and help each other get through it.


Another thing to be thankful for.... she puts up with my shit. I can mess with her boundaries just enough to not piss her off. We have had so many good adventures together and can't wait for more to come.

I have done some fucked up things to her... and seriously the only thing I've ever regretted in

my life is that thing. She knows what it is. No need for repeating... I'm just glad I've been able to be forgiven and we can move on. Fortunately i got a taste of my own medicine in the end and karma bit me in the ass... but i deserved it. 


 Hopefully the majority of this is making sense... it's early...late...ish




In closing, Ashley, without you my life would be incomplete... you are my best friend.

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