Monday, September 28, 2009

going away party

It was fantastic. There were some people that I wish would have came but it was a pretty good turnout. I didn't cry, ok maybe a little when Cassy was leaving, she told me it's time to do things for me and that I need to focus on myself and she's tired of seeing me not living for myself. Or something along those lines. I was quite intoxicated, but at the good point where I was happy and content with not drinking anymore. Malibu is always my friend. I am really going to miss everyone so much. I didn't really always hang out with people but still, they are not going to be accessible to call anytime i feel like and just invite out to dinner or go to the movies with.

One week from today is my interview with Disneyland, which I feel strangely confident about. I continue to read up as much as I can about other people's experiences and talked to my new future roomie who already was hired about it. She says it's a breeze.

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