Monday, July 13, 2009

crazy ass weekend...

this weekend was long and full of a bunch of fun stuff.

friday was just a relaxing time with spencer and watching a movie... he had to work in the morning so we didn't stay up late and left his place saturday morning and came home to get ready for working out and reno. ash and i did the 11 mile bike ride up at cascade shores. it was rough and it really made me wonder if i'm going to be able to do this triathlon. fuck. it's scary. so after that craziness we met up with brit and went up to reno. those kosher cousins are crazy party girls. i would never be able to live up there, but we got some special treatment at the club we went to and didn't have to beat anyone up. i felt very good looking... i don't like to say things like this but seriously... there aren't very good looking women in reno. we stayed out late but really had a decent time :) i'm still in pain from the cigarette smoke though. sunday we drove home and luckily avoided 2 accidents, one closer than the other and i made it home later than expected but had to hurry and get ready for megan's birthday/going away party. it was decent but the sorority girls aren't really my favorite people to talk to, megan is cool, and she has a friend named erica who's was nice as well. but austin looked miserable having to hang out with them. i wonder about their relationship sometimes. they've now been together for 5 years. megan leaves tomorrow for her job training in chicago and austin leaves on saturday to texas to get set up for his job training. crazy crazy... now if spencer will just call that recruiter.

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