Monday, May 18, 2009


Here I go again... I'm starting another blog. I have LJ... and have had one forever but maybe I'll switch over to this and start over and just use that as an archive. There are so many memories in that dang thing and also a lot that aren't in there that I wish I wrote about. Plus, sadly, I still don't exactly know how to work livejournal. Just guess I never tried very hard though either. Although I do enjoy reading the community pages that are on there. I still need to check around on this and figure some stuff out.

I do feel like somewhat of a follower because Ashley & Brittney have been on here for a while and now I'm jumping on the train. I actually signed on this website a while back because my cousin Amber updates us on family happenings but doesn't do it very often. Ashley always is in on the hip and new stuff that's coming up and out. Like I knew she would know why all the Walgreens had signs welcoming Longs customers...and also Twitter, Myspace, & Yelp. Which yelp I have a little bit of an addiction to now.

In general I'm getting a little addicted to blogs. I've always been a fan at seeing how people live their life what's going on in their minds.

side note...
why does my phone only like to pretend to work!?! i need a new phone

And there I go. I need this, need that.


I really am a little disappointed about how my life is currently.

I've gone nowhere.

But I'm going to change that.

I've been searching for jobs and I'm getting a new one or two, I might need two to survive. But either way I can't work there anymore and I will be moving away. Hopefully to Southern California... then other places.... I want to live in many places and come back here and be content with it. I like being close to my family and I when I start a family I would like to be close to them.

There's so much I feel like I'm missing out on... I don't just feel it, I know it.

More to come. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. YAY, i was wondering if you were going to start one. It's just more fun when you know people on these darn sites. lol. :)

    I want to move too. Like now. haha.